The SW200 LPAM Audio Processor

Schlockwood's SW200 is a comprehensive audio processing system for Part 15 Low Power AM (LPAM) broadcasting and ham radio applications.  Functions include gated-AGC, variable pre-emphasis, multiband com-pression/limiting, program equalization, asym-metrical peak control and a sharp cutoff filter.



The 2021 production run of SW200s is completed and we are delivering.  As described below, we do entertain direct orders, but recommend purchase through eBay because of their valuable Buyer Protection Program.  Find the SW200 by using the eBay Item No. 184714495255.

Thanks for your interest in the SW200!

Please download the SW200 datasheet for application details, features and specifications.

Requests for additional information and purchasing inquiries may be directed by email to:                                      .

Please note:

Although we continue to welcome and honor factory-direct sales of the SW200, we strongly encourage purchase through our eBay listing, which will be linked here when active  (Currently, Item No. 184714495255.)

As the public turns increasingly to Internet sales with home delivery, the instance of 'porch piracy' has become rampant in many areas.
  eBay purchases feature eBay Buyer Protection that indemnifies both buyer and seller from most shipping losses.

Henceforth, all orders placed directly with the factory will be quoted individually, and must bear the added expense (at our cost) of insurance for the full amount of the sale and a signature upon delivery.  Thanks for your understanding toward our mutual protection.

Product Compliance Update:

The SW200 and Compliance With the NRSC-2 RF Mask

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